The Pastor’s Page

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Hello and thanks for checking out the website for Asbury United Methodist, a Christian congregation endeavoring to be a light for Christ in the heart of the historic city of York, Pennsylvania.  With our great history and beautiful building, we are endeavoring to continue to carry on the work of Christ, which we state as “introducing people to Jesus and growing more like him together.”  I like to express our purpose in this way:  Helping people to know, grow in, and show the love of Jesus Christ for the transformation of their lives and our world.IMG_2009

My name is Rev. Donald Slaybaugh, Jr. – otherwise known as Pastor Don.  I am from the York area, though I had not served in this area as a pastor until July of 2014.  I first lived on Parkway Boulevard, before moving as a small child to a neighborhood east of York.  I graduated from Central York High School before attending Penn State University.  After graduating from college, I attended Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. for my theological education. While in seminary, I served as a youth pastor in a Presbyterian Church.  I returned to Pennsylvania in 1982 to begin serving as a pastor in what is known today as the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.  My faithful service to Christ now brings me here to Asbury U.M. Church.

In terms of my relationship with Jesus Christ, I became one of his followers at the age of 16.   I had a conversion experience one Sunday morning during a worship service led by the youth of the church.  I happened to be one of those youth and I had a part to play in that worship service perfect for me.  The part was “Searcher” and I truly was searching for answers for my life.  That conversion experience on that day changed my life and left me with no doubt that there is a God who loves us.  That experience led me to wanting to follow and live for Jesus Christ in this world, which led me into being an ordained minister.  Today, I cannot imagine life without him.  I truly believe the greatest life one can live is one with and for Jesus Christ.  He truly can transform and bless our lives.

My hope and prayer is that you will know Jesus Christ and be one of his true followers, if you are not already.  Also, I would like to invite you to join us sometime for one of our worship services or some other event.  If you do visit with us and are looking for a community of faith to be a part, please pray as to whether this is where Christ would like you to be.  Wherever you go may you be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.