Scrip Card Central


Join the hassle free way to gift your friends and families without the need to wait in lines, or  fight over the most popular gift of the year!

With Scrip cards all of the hassles of gift giving are eliminated and with every card purchase you help to enhance the finances of the church!

Simply print the order sheets, choose the cards you would like to purchase, turn in the order sheets and when they arrive you can pick them up and you are done!

The order sheets list the names of the stores, restaurants , etc. The majority of the stores listed are local and are within York County. 

The price of each card is listed as well as the percent that the church is awarded with.  Helping yourself and the church has never been easier!

To print out the order forms simply click on the pages listed below. Scrip 1, Scrip 2, Scrip 3 together make the entire order packet.

 You will want to print out each order form in order to have the entire list.  When you click on one of the pages it will open up as a PDF and allow you to easily print the order sheet.

 You can also pick up the forms in the front lobby if you do not have a way to print. 

scrip-1   scrip-2  scrip-3