C.I.A. Drama Team



C.I.A. (Caught In The Act)


Our mission is to present the message of God’s Word through the media of living drama, showing what biblical precepts could look like in today’s world and making the Bible stories come to life!

We are a group of Christians who are dedicated to answering God’s call on our lives through the use of drama.  Some are funny, some serious, some thought provoking.

Our team was established 15 years ago, and throughout that time, have presented numerous skits, dinner theaters, plays, readers theaters, and monologues.

Each year we present a drama on Ash Wednesday in co-ordination with the Music Ministry, a drama on Maunday Thursday, and a 4 week series  during Advent.  Other skits and dramas are scattered throughout the year.

For more information contact Martha Stover, Director of C.I.A.  gma2joki@gmail.com