Bible Studies

DISCIPLE Bible Study

A thorough and applied study of the Bible.  

DISCIPLE is an in-depth, discussion based Bible study. It’s aim is to transform, not merely inform–to develop closer followers of Christ. In DISCIPLE I: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study, participants read over 70% of the Bible in 34 weeks, spending an equal number of weeks studying the Old and New Testaments. A study manual guides the daily reading of scripture, and provides expert commentary. A leader and twelve participants meet for 2-1/2 hours each week to watch a 10 minute video, then discuss what they have read. The thought-provoking discussion questions in the leader’s guide promote both learning and life application. At the end of the study, participants discuss the call God has on their lives. They counsel one another about their demonstrated abilities, gifts and skills. They guide one another into areas of servanthood and ministry.

Over 1.2 million people from 34 denominations have participated in this study. Materials have been translated into seven languages: Spanish, Korean, French, Cantonese, Mandarin, German and Russian. In addition to DISCIPLE I, there are three follow-up studies that follow the same format, using the same principles of daily Bible reading and weekly small group discussions.

Read what two Disciple course graduates said about their experiences:

Disciple has been an incredible journey.  I signed up for this course because I knew that it was time to dig deeper into God’s word.  While I certainly learned more about the Bible, I really have gained so much more.  Growing up in the church, I knew the basics of many bible stories but this class showed me that these aren’t all isolated incidences.  They all fit together in God’s plan and covenant with his people.  They each play a unique part in Jesus giving us eternal life.  We also each play a unique role in God’s plan.  He has called us to be disciples, each with gifts to make up the body of Christ. ~ Cindy Ward

I can’t remember the last time that I committed my life to something that lasted nine months!  That in it’s self made this an incredible journey. The truth is that I very much looked forward to Wednesday mornings to study and get to know new friends better. What a pleasure it was to watch THEIR DICIPLESHIP in action and how that inspired me. “But that’s what it’s all about” is what Janice has been trying to point out to us since last September. A Bible study on strictly the scholarly merits would probably have been lost on me but the Disciple approach made the words meaningful and will make it more comfortable for me to be a witness to my faith.   ~ Bill Snyder